Official Tony Buzan Mind Mapping Practitioner

Does it happen to have you to have the urgency to think about a new project but you do not know where to start?

Or in your head you have clear direction to take, but you can not organize the steps in the right order of execution?

Or again, you have all the information but you cannot see the big picture?

Emails, documents, notifications, social media, blogs, articles, to-do lists: it’s easy to get confused when we are constantly bombarded with information that our brain can not handle.

Everyone agrees that the kind of life we lead today makes concentration really difficult.

Probably you too as you try to focus, you are constantly distracted by new stimuli, and this leads you to disperse energy and – above all – time.

And what happens? It increases stress and remains blocked without being able to find solutions. And in this way the quality of your work, and of your life, is affected.

We talk a lot about attention deficit, we blame smartphones and the internet, but … what can you do in practice to reverse this trend and regain mental clarity and lucidity?

The solution is easier than you think.

Just take a sheet and a pencil and go back to the innermost nature of our thoughts that of the imagination.

That’s right: reason for images connected to each other.

That's why the Mind Maps are - THE METHOD - to make the most of the potential of the brain. In fact, they visually represent the functioning of our mind: through images and connections.

Only in the last year, as a Certified Instructor by Tony Buzan - the inventor of Mind Maps - I have taught more than 600 people to think better and in a more organised way.

Let's give you a real example...

Giuseppe , owner of, an entrepreneur at the gates of Milan, came to me with great difficulty.

He could not better manage the work of his team. Procedures and workflows were not effective enough. Thus, despite pages and pages of manuals, the needs of the customers were never satisfied in the quickest and most organized way, with loss of time and frustration.

The challenge in this case was:

  • to clarify
  • simplify the sequence of actions
  • find the most effective solution in terms of procedures for managing customer requests.

Today in their office:

  • those who answer the phone have a Mind Map to manage the interview with the customer in a simple and effective way
  • the logistics department knows perfectly the succession of tasks to be carried out, summarised in a single Mind Map on an A3 sheet, hung on a bulletin board, easily managing everything
  • the new Marketing strategies and presentations around Italy are studied thanks to brainstorming and preparation made with the Mind Maps (see the video below).

Listen to his experience from the direct words of Giuseppe

Through the training day of the Mind Mapping Practitioner you will also learn to think in a structured and creative way, simplifying and clarifying your thoughts.

The Mind Maps in fact contribute to be more lucid, creative and innovative.

What can you do thanks to the maps?

  • seeing your thoughts on paper
  • organising your ideas in a clear structure within a hierarchy
  • having a global vision of your project or of our plan
  • creating an impact presentation
  • discovering where there are lacks or redundancies
  • finding new solutions
  • stimolati your memory
  • activating your creative mind
  • utilising ONE UNIQUE METHOD for:
  • managing your Time
  • organising
  • planning
  • taking notes
  • taking decisions
  • studying
  • reading and remembering what you have red
  • memorising
  • thinking (brainstorming)
  • innovating

In a nutshell: you can save time and energy and be happier.

Discover the stories of other people who, like you, have decided to implement Mind Maps in their lives and in their work.


As a coach I found a new and original tool to give customers an immediate picture of the situation, in a clearer and more personal way. In this way I leave a trace of our sessions that is much appreciated. As an entrepreneur I learned to think in color! Having in front of a blank sheet without limits facilitates a more instinctive and non-brained thinking, very productive in the brainstorming and planning phase. I chose Giulia Comba because she conquered me with her volcanic yet peaceful energy.

Giulia Fidilio
Businesswoman, Coach Expert in Behavioral Finance

I discovered a transversal method, simple and rigorous, and the more you are rigorous the more you perceive the benefits. New planning tools and above all of channeling and organizing thoughts. I have benefited so much from a business point of view and I have brought home several appreciations from my interlocutors. Di Giulia Comba appreciates the ability to be simple and effective and her ability to manage relationships with her interlocutors: students and business partners.

Nicola Tonetti,
Senior Business Development B2B Services Market

Official Tony Buzan Mind Mapping Practitioner

An intense course day based on the exclusive program designed by Tony Buzan to acquire the application skills of Mind Mapping. The theory of how we work best, lots of exercise and lots of examples to put into practice manually and digitally.

What you will learn:

  • how our brain works and how to stimulate it to get maximum performance
  • what is Mind Mapping and why it represents the best tool for visualizing thought
  • how to use Mind Mapping in work, in study, in daily organization
  • how many are the applications of the tool to create new ideas, memorize, organize, communicate, plan, etc.
  • what are the differences between using hand-drawn maps or the computer
  • what are the potentials of the iMindMap software

The course includes:

  • a training day, "Official Tony Buzan Mind Mapping Practitioner" with Giulia Comba, Senior Mind Mapping Licensed Instructor
  • learning material: Mind Mapping Workbook and marker pens for Mind Mapping
  • Certificate of Attendance of the Course
  • on request “Official Tony Buzan Mind Mapping Practitioner Certified”